Crowdsourcing Fun: Help Us Plan Our Anniversary Trip!

After months of debating where we should celebrate our first wedding anniversary, Christopher and I are at a standstill. Every day, we change our mind. One minute, we fantasize about drinking wine and eating delicious pasta in Italy, the next, we see ourselves sipping on cocktails while lounging on the beach somewhere exotic like Dubai. It's gotten to the point that we want to just relinquish our power to decide and instead put it in your hands :)

And that's what we're going to do today. Will you help us choose where to go in April? Here's where we're thinking (but of course if you feel passionate about someplace else not on the list, please let us know!)

What we love about this idea: Pasta, bread, wine, romance.

What we love about this idea: Islands, scenic landscapes, gyros, warmth.

What we love about this idea: Beach, heat, desert, extravagance.

What we love about this idea: Blue Lagoon, Northern Lights, cozy lodges, adventure.

Time to cast your votes! Our future travels are in your hands--yay!
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Got any specific thoughts on any of the places? Share in the comments below!

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